WCBU 2015: Intro

I’m midway through a 16-hour layover in London, opting to stay in the airport to sleep and get work done over venturing into the city.  On the plane I wrote some notes and looked through pictures from the weekend, already reminiscing and feeling nostalgic about the past week.  There’s so much anticipation going into these long international tournaments, you prepare for months on top of everything else happening around you.  The entire experience is surreal:  you spend almost no time with the team beforehand and then every waking moment together for an entire week completely immersed in an ultimate utopia.  It almost starts to feel like your job: wake up, drink coffee, get dressed, go to work, come home, drink a beer, eat dinner, sleep, do it again the next day.  The only difference, at least for me in my real world, is you’re doing what you love everyday.  I’m not sure it’s sustainable in the long-term, but for a week I feel like I’m living the dream, waking up excited for “work” everyday with the best co-workers you could ask for.

The week is fleeting, it comes and goes as quickly as the next.  I’ve got some pictures and thoughts to share on the tournament, spirit, teammates, off-the-field shenanigans, highlights and lowlights.  Though at this moment still undecided whether I will actually share this with anyone.  Guess we’ll find out!

 All of the pictures are either from my phone or courtesy of Linde Behringer (mom to Rohre and Q), who was our biggest fan all week.

*Play Pandemic.


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